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Social Prescribing for Better Health and Wellbeing

Social Prescribing can help you to explore Social activities and services that may help and support you to improve your health, wellbeing, independence and feel empowered.

How does it work?

A member of your GP Practice can refer to the Social Prescribing by completing a short referral form.  Sharon (our Social Prescriber) will contact you by phone to discuss what you would like to do and what is important to you.  Together you will produce a simple support plan which will give you information on local activities and services that are available to you in your local community and how to access them.

The Social Prescriber is

  • Someone to talk to in confidence
  • Someone who is practical, helpful and will not judge
  • Someone who can support you to make decisions on what you would like to do and what is achievable
  • Someone who can find activities that will suit

The Social Prescriber is not

  • Medically trained
  • A trained counsellor or therapist
  • A home visiting service, befriender or support worker

Social Prescribing Video

Laura was one of the first to benefit from a pioneering social prescribing scheme, which saw her receive tailored support from a social prescribing professional as part of her treatment.

She talks about how Ray, her social prescribing link worker, worked with her to develop an activity plan to help with her depression and anxiety, and describes the impact it has had on her life.

As part of its commitment to personalised care, the NHS Long Term Plan will enable 900,000 people to benefit from social prescribing schemes within the next five years.

Watch the full Social Prescribing video on YouTube